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Thursday, August 8, 2013

My NorthWest Trek Tram Ride

 I know that this
  post is really late seeing that I went to Northwest Trek last Thursday. I have had a little bit of a hard time trying to figure out how I wanted to post this. Do I put up a lot of pictures or a little bit? Did I put to many or not enough. Do I put a lot of "I did this and we did that" did I put to much information or not enough. I didn't know whether I should have made this post its own page or just leave it as a really big and long post. So I gave up all the thinking and just did it and this is what I got. haha. So please enjoy!!

          I have lived in Washington State my whole life 30 something years and I have never been to Northwest Trek. So I was really excited when my mom asked if Josh and I would like to go with her and my kids. I jumped at the chance to go and boy am I glad I went. I was excited about the tram you get to ride around in. It was beautiful up there. All the plants and trees and the fresh air. Nice to breath in some nice fresh air. I think it took us about an hour and a half or close to two hours to get there. Quite the long drive but worth every pretty penny for the gas that it takes to get there. They  have moose, elk, bison and more in a 435-acre free roaming area. And the trams didn't have the windows up so if you wanted to get in trouble you could put your arms out and touch the animals if they were close enough. Me I prefer not to get into trouble so I kept my arms to myself. haha they also ask that you keep your arms in. So its only polite to do so. Here is a few pictures of some of the animals we seen on our tram ride.

 So my Trip begins- Think we made there close to 11:30am. Its a wee bit expensive, but mummy paid for it. Josh was in the Army so he gets a military discount and so do I cause I also have a military I think for the two of us it was 30-40 something? I have to ask Josh if he remembers how much it was cause I cant. I have the memory of a gold fish haha 3 seconds and I cant remember nothing. Wait I take that back I think we got there sometime after 12 cause the tram we had to wait for was the 12:20 tram I think. And at the pay window you get these little tokens for the Tram ride. Here is a picture of my green token haha.

 While waiting in line to get on the Tram we had a visitor on the other side of the gate. Just came and laid down. Still had the velvet on its antlers.
My husband Josh my son Aiden and my daughter Alani
Deer's, Mountain Goats, and Rams oh my!!!

Deer, and more Rams
These Buffalos were huge. And so close you could reach out and touch em.
We were a lucky few I guess to get to see all four Moose on the tram ride. Guess that doesn't happen a lot. Guess the weather was good enough for them to all come out. It was really pretty neat to see them in the water like that. I've never seen them that up close and personal before. Tram stopped for a couple minutes and the moose didn't even care. They are use to it. So it walked up to the front of the tram walked in front to the other side and started chowing down. Guess he needed a snack after the swim.


  1. We took Carson last year and we LOVED it! He had such a great time (he absolutely adores animals and his favorite place to go is the zoo)!! You got some great pictures :D Glad you guys had a great time! Even though Josh doesn't look too happy in that picture ha ha.

  2. wow I want to go there!!
    Looks like you guys had so much fun!
    Liz @