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Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh yes the class at the library

                Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you all  about the blogging/social media class at my local library had signed up for. The class/session was a couple of hours and well it wasn't what I was excepting. I was the only younger person there out of maybe 10 people that also signed up. Most were older and that's fine. Everyone can learn how to or about blogs. The lady that gave the session? I don't know what to call it. She came up from Oregon to give this class. I am sad to say that it wasn't so good.  A older couple who the husband has a self published kids book wanted to know about blogging to promote his book I am thinking. They walked out after about the first hour. I cant remember the lady's name that did the class. She was saying that to get the most out of blogging you should maybe want to spend maybe 4 days a week posting or a couple hours a day. He didn't like that idea kinda threw his hands up in the air a little. Like spending that much time on blogging wasn't worth it. And in my Opinion that much time spent on blogging is totally worth it if it gets you more recognition for your book or business or whatever it is your working on. But that's just me. Sorry if that came off a little rude. I kinda feel like I wasted my day. I am bummed. I was really hoping to learn something new that I could bring to my blog. But that isn't the case and its not going to happen. She didn't cover a lot and topics got bounced around back and forth tossed around and then she would go back to the topic at hand. So that was kind of sad. It could have been the questions people asked or they didn't explain the question better I don't know. Everyone got off topic a lot so time was wasted. Really never got into any talk about the social media- twitter, tumblr, instagram. Talked about twitter for maybe 5 minutes. Something about microblogging. I think. grrr see gold fish memory. 3 seconds and boom gone, lost forever. haha She blogs on Wordpress so as the end came nearer she went over how to sign up for that site and went on to show everyone how to post blogs and that was about it. I didn't walk away knowing anything that I didn't already know.  :o(  It did however get me out of my house for a few and can now share it with all of you. I will keep checking my library for any more upcoming events. So I can share them with you.  

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  1. That's frustrating that you weren't able to learn anything helpful. I was thinking about going but when I caught wind of getting another horse I forgot everything and anything else ha ha! Seems like she was a little unorganized :(