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Thursday, July 11, 2013

About me!

Hello, My name is Magen, I am new to the blogging community. One of my younger cousins, McKenzie, actually got me into it. She has brought it up to me in several different conversations over the past couple years. So I thought I would give it a try. See how things go. And I do hope that this really works out. It would be nice to meet some new people make new friendships and have some fun, maybe learn something new along the way. I really never have any idea how to start off the "about me" process of things. I have had this convo in my head over and over and it always sounds better there. Its hard to get what's in your head to sound anything remotely appealing on paper or in this case online and for the world to read. So here goes it, I guess I will start off by saying hi,  I am in my early 30's though I really dislike admitting it a lot. I mean I know that I don't look it or that I don't feel like I'm in my 30's and I know that 30's is not old. Cause really its not. But what 30 means to me. Is that I haven't done anything or accomplished anything in my life worth a darn. Though its never to late so that's a good thing. I did however though have 2 beautiful and smart kids. I have 1 daughter and 1 son. I got lucky there. Got one of each.  :o) They are the brightest, smartest, kindest kids and I am very proud to be their mom and very proud of them.  I am  married just hit 4 years  five months ago so yay me. Moving on shall likes- movies, books, tv, tv shows, music. I live in a state that has horse racing I love to go there. I don't get to go as often as I could. My wallet wont allow it. sad so very sad.  And I hope that I can ad blogging to my short list of likes and hobbies if you can call any of those likes hobbies. I don't have many hobbies I need to find some of those. I am sure there is more likes but right now I am having a little bit of trouble thinking  of them. When they come to me I will be sure to ad them.                                  


My husband Josh and I met at a bar (ugh) a bar of all places, and you know meeting at a bar is not what I thought it would be, first impressions are sometimes or most times not what the person is like at all. The friends I went to this bar with, and I do have to ad myself, thought that this guy I was talking to thanks to the (alcohol) otherwise I probably wouldn't have talked to him. Anyways, we all thought he was a player. And that was so far from the truth. He is from North Carolina, small town, simple person. Came here to WA to be stationed at Ft. lewis army base. He just happened to be in WA for a month or two before we met.  And so anyway  he was not what we all expected from meeting someone from the bar. I gave him my number and kinda made plans to meet up in a few days and you know what he didn't call. He called about a week later. But to come to his defense it was a good thing we didn't meet up when we were supposed to. He had a good time at a party with his army buddies. But anyway I'm getting off track here.. he was just as nervous as I was. It was a short and simple conversation out first phone call was. But it all worked out in the end and here we are 6 years together and married for 4 of them. He is my best friend who has seen me at my worst and at my best.For the most part he is always there for me if its thru happy times or the sad times and if I need a shoulder to cry on he is there. Sure we have had our hard times and sure there is many more to come but hopefully there will be some good times to come as well. I can cross my fingers and hope like hell anyway.  My kids are from a previous marriage. So I guess I have been blessed a couple times in my life so far. My kids were born healthy and still growing healthy, no health problems besides being blessed with bad eyesight if you can really call that a blessing, having bad eyesight but it could be worse so I will take the bad eyesight as a blessing. Comes from both sides of the family. So no blaming who.

So after my cousin brought up this whole blogging thing many months ago I have thought and thought and thought night after night and day after day trying and trying to come up with a name for my blog. I don't know how many text messages I sent her asking for her opinion or for her help to try and come up with a darn name. Its not easy at all. Well for me it wasn't might come easier to others but to me oh was it hard. And I am not exactly sure I like the one I picked, can you change your blog name by chance?? Haha, well if not guess I'm stuck with it. Why I picked this name, (more about me)  is I am living with this horrible, terrible thing called "Social Anxiety" so maybe someone out in the blogging community will understand where I am coming from and have some helpful tips or useful information. Or could just use a friend to talk to, I know that I could use more of them, friends that is.    I guess I should wrap this "about me" up now. 

Hope to see you again soon. Here's to beautiful new friendships and fun time together. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog and my About me page.  

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