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Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Aloha Friday Blog Hop

Aloha Friday Blog HopThank you to Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I found quite a few new blogs that I am excited to read. I love the Blogs about make up and fashion. And what girl doesn't want tips and tutorials and how to's on how to apply eyeliner or learn how to do the smoky eye. I know I do. As my family and friends know, I don't really know squat about how to apply makeup even though I love it. I didn't have the mom growing up that did make-up so I had to learn as I went and as I grew older I got somewhat ok with the bare minimal. I never used eye shadows or blushes just eyeliner and mascaras. Just blain simple black. I would like to branch out in the color department but its scary. I'm not used to seeing me in colors. So I'm a little scared to try it and branch out of my comfort zone. I would love to learn what colors I could work with and the colors that I should stay away from. I'm the simple basic makeup wearer. ha, ha. All with no help from my mom. And I sware that my almost soon to be 13 year old daughter knows how to do makeup better then I do. Now that is sad very sad. ha, ha. I should ask her for help. I bought Lauren Conrad's books  Beauty and Style. Two really good books in my opinion. There is where I found a step by step on the winged look and so I tried the winged look a couple weeks ago and it turned out really well. I was surprised by it. I would love to try the smoky eye affect but I'm afraid to come out looking like I have two black eyes. So for now its me-1 make-up disaster-0 so I am coming out a head. The blogs on make-up have great tutorials and great tips. So maybe they will give me the confidence to try out the looks I really like and maybe I can apply it for a night out. So again Thank you Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I'm looking forward to the next Blog Hop. Hope to see you there.

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