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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Emerald Downs & Applebee's

   Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I was actually kind of busy and that doesn't happen very often. ha, ha  And I owe it all to my mom, my aunt Cricket and my husband Josh, We all went to Emerald Downs race track (horse races) for my birthday. And I actually had a really good time and totally enjoyed myself. I hope that everyone else did as well. There was 10 races I think and my husband and I managed to play with 20$ for the whole day. We only do the 2$ bets but still. I bet to place. So my horse had to come in at least in 2nd to win my money back. It doesn't win big but you at least get your bet back and so that's how I managed to walk away with 10 bucks still in my pocket. So we won just enough money to keep on betting. The weather stayed nice and warm, the sun shining bright. It was a beautiful day. And afterwards we all met up with another one of my other aunts and my uncle at Applebee's for dinner. They have some good food. We all sat and visited forever We enjoyed our good food over good convo. Can't get any better than that. I got to take home my free birthday sundae. which I left out when I got home. So no good sundae for me. Bummer.    So all in all, my birthday wasn't a total bust like I was feeling a few days prior to. So that was good. Thank you to my family and my husband for the pleasant Birthday. Oh I almost forgot, My dear mother put my name and Happy Birthday on the reader board thingy. I cant think of what its called. So yeah that was so sweet of her. She also had to mention how old I turned so thanks to her for doing that as well. Gotta love your mother.

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