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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Port Orchard Trip

     So Sunday my husband and I drove up to Port Orchard here in WA state in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.. It's about an hr or so drive from where I live .And such a pretty drive. All the greenery in the trees. And once you get up there your driving next to the water.  It is so beautiful. You can look out your windows in your car and see the view of the beautiful water and we got lucky that we had a spout of warm weather so the sun was shining and it was quite warm. A very lovely day it was for that drive. Also nice to get out of the house every once in a while. We don't get to get out that often. But I think we had a great day up there. Went to some shops and had some lunch at pizza factory I think that's what it was called. Good pizza a bit expensive but good still. I bought some books to add to my very slow and growing library of books. I did manage to go to Barnes and Noble later that evening and I did manage to find some blogging books. So I hope here in the next couple days or maybe a week or so to get some money to buy at least one of the many books I found. Though I do hope sooner cause I want them bad ha, ha. Why do books gotta cost so darn much. Still love that bookstore though. I could spend every dime I have in that in there could so go totally broke. But I would be happy cause I had a crap ton of books to read.  

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