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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wrapped Up In Prison Break

I am sorry I'm not keeping up on my blogging right now. Not making a very good first impression am I. To tell you the truth I have been so wrapped up in watching Prison Break on Netflix. I love, love this show. Used to watch it every week. And that Wentworth Miller is a good looking guy which helps the show out and makes it that much better. Oh and I got my book today so I've been reading it off and on. You know I couldn't find it in Barnes & Noble. They would have had to order it from somewhere cause it is out of print. So I looked it up on Amazon. And I found the book there. I got it today and its in really nice and great shape for a book from 2009. So thank you Amazon. Also thank you Amazon for being less expensive. My book is Google Blogger for Dummies. I bought Blogging for Dummies maybe a week or so ago. And both books have been really helpful. I need all the help I can get. So you must please excuse me if I don't post everyday or a couple days for I am still stuck in Prison Break and my two books. But I will be back ha ha :o)


  1. I think its funny how we both started watching this show again at almost the same time! I'm excited to watch it through til the last season.

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