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Monday, July 15, 2013

Soccer Game

    Aiden had another soccer game today. He got a little action and contact with the ball this time. He gets easily distracted so he sometimes loses track of what he is supposed to do. He will stand there staring at the sky or twirling in circles or crouch on the ground. But he did better today. And Josh took him out back in the yard and played around a little. So hopefully he learned a little and can apply it to his next game. He only has two games left. Seems like the soccer season went by so damn fast. It could be just me. I know that he missed a couple practices and I think the first and second game, I think. Not from any fault of my own, (ex) but who is blaming who. Not me. :o)  Wish my daughter wanted to do something this summer but she is so shy and quiet. She is the artist, she would rather draw or watch anime and that's fine. I don't want to push her into anything and never have. She did play a few years ago and she liked it. But now she is grown up a little and that social anxiety, must have gotten from me and its so sad that she is closing herself off to things cause she is shy or scared. But I cant blame her I do it myself.

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