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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soccer Games

 My son Aiden had a soccer game today. He hasn't played soccer in about 4 years or so. Its been nice to see him back out there and trying something he hasn't done in years. Granted when he played it years ago he was 5 I think?? This time he is 9 and still the smallest on his team. He was the smallest on his team at 5 as well. I think he is still a little scared to get in and try to either get the ball away or even just kick it when there is a big group of kids kicking at it. He is so much smaller then the rest of the kids his age. He has hit some growth spurts here and there looks bigger to us but not when he gets around other kids his age then he looks pretty darn small. People think he is a couple years younger then he is right now at this age.

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